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You Are Making A Difference

Children in Malawi face a lifetime of challenges and hardships.  Many have lost their parents, while many more remain vulnerable due to the abject poverty in their region of the world.  The reality for most children in Malawi is one of difficulty and despair.  

However, you have made a difference.  You have provided hope for a child in need.  Over the course of the last 12 months, you have generously provided your child with care, food, clothing, education, and the opportunity to know and love Jesus Christ.  Thank you for sacrificing financially to make such an incredible impact!

To renew your sponsorship, please click on the appropriate button below.  Thank you for Providing Hope!  

Be sure to note the Child ID Number on the donation page (e.g.13-101).

Please contact our offices at 614-224-1951 if you
are renewing more than two children.